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CU Matrix/Selection Errors


There are at least 2 problems with the Source Builder script when trying to run WITHOUT the CumulativeUpdate parameter or with it left blank:
  1. if you leave off the -CumulativeUpdate parameter altogether, you STILL get a prompt to force you to pick one; when you try to pick one, there is no LIST of "available" CU's to choose from as there should be according to the documentation; there is no option to say "none"
  2. if you specify an incorrect CU name (based on names in the xml file) and add the -CumulativeUpdate parameter with that name, e.g. "August 2014" (for SP2010), the script fails with "cannot index into a null array"; seems like it should ignore an invalid name and write out a warning message.
See the attached error display from the PowerShell run.

Other than these annoying problems, I love the idea of this script, it is a time-saver. I was able to get it to run fine when using a VALID CU name.

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